Early Meetings

image courtesy of Heather Lilly Photography

Nowadays, there’s so much activity surrounding a wedding that it’s sometimes difficult for a bride and groom to have any time together. They are so busy exchanging vows then running off for pictures then hustling into the reception and chatting with all their guests that the only words they might ever get to exchange are “I do.”

Stop the madness and take some time for yourselves. Many couples are enjoying an “early meet” before the ceremony. It’s a time for them to snap pictures, say a prayer or simply take each in other in all their matrimonial glory before the action sets in. Grooms love getting to see their brides, and brides love getting the attention of their groom. At Ashelynn Manor, arranging this is a cinch. Whether your nuptials are set to take place in our chapel or beautiful outdoor gazebo, we can stage the perfect (and secluded!) area for you to gaze upon your intended without the ministerial chaperone.

Aunt Lily can wait until the reception to congratulate you on your union and re-tell her story—for the umpteenth time—about marrying your Uncle Fred. And you’ll be ready with a smile, knowing you and your new mate are set for life.


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