Going to the Chapel…

When it comes to the big day, mixing religions can often prove a tricky topic. Do you succumb to the groom’s or the bride’s religion? Does family get a say? How do you incorporate something meaningful for both parties?

Fortunately, at Ashelynn Manor, we can help solve this dilemma. Any religion is welcome in our venue, and “options” is our middle name. It’s certainly possible to include more than one religious representation into a ceremony—satisfying both the bride and groom and helping them stay on track with what’s most important to them.

Combining religious traditions, such as marrying under a chuppha and still lighting a unity candle can happily appease both parties. What’s important to remember is that it’s not about making a religion the “winner,” but finding ways to incorporate both of them tastefully and to your satisfaction. Dealing with family during this type of situation can also be a tough part of the decision, and some brides- or grooms-to-be are put under immense amounts of pressure. It doesn’t mean you have to cave, but finding some middle ground may help.

Some wedding couples who are Jewish and Catholic, for instance, could have both a rabbi and priest officiate the ceremony. Or if a Methodist bride marries a Jewish groom, he can still stomp the glass at the end of their ceremony even if a more conventional approach is taken for the vows.

Let us help you make your wedding a day to remember in every way! At Ashelynn Manor, we make all your dreams come true.


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