At Ashelynn Manor, our facilities are akin to all our brides: gorgeous from head to toe. We’re not ashamed to admit it! We’ve got marble floors, a grand circular staircase, dangling crystal chandeliers, a suite complete with Jacuzzi tub, 25 acres of beautiful land and more. Ashelynn Manor is the perfect place to play off nature with earthy décor, fit for a wedding any time of the year. Invite your guests to join you on your big day with us, and set the tone with ivory-colored invitations, perhaps printed with a grass-green font. Use materials like raffia to assemble favors, and accent programs or menu cards. Ask your florist to create arrangements in earthy tones using lotus pods, hypericum berries or cinnamon-hued calla lilies. These shades are well complemented by our carriage house’s dark marble-stained flooring and wood-paneled walls. Blushing brides can be the shining star on their big day, we simply provide the right stage…


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